300_BOA-studio2.jpgIf you’re a regular rider of the shittier-by-the-day NYC subway system (nice A/C train service last night, you incompetent fiscal fuckups), you’ve probably seen this new Bank of America poster campaign promoting their cash-back transit service (the sign-in process is a digital quagmire, btw.). It’s a whole series of fake New Yorkers fake endorsing the program, including our young (model) fellow here. After (fake) praising BofA, the (fake) locals bring up (real) City quality-of-life issues. Issues the bank can’t do shit about, of course. No matter to them; they’re just (laughably) trying to show us gothamists that a behemoth of a financial institution headquartered in North Carolina has keen insight into our tough urban lives. But reminding me of all my City’s problems is maybe not the smartest thought to leave me with. I guess it’s at least better than raining huge push pins down on me or having creeps stare at me from your windows. Click below for more examples of manufactured fakeness.

|Photos: ANIMAL|