In a piss poor attempt to show how neutral and free thinking they are, the graffiti soaked kids over at Bombin’ Magazine tried their hand at parodying Shepard Fairey’s now iconic ‘HOPE’ campaign poster for Obama with disastrous results. Their posters feature a McCain-looking guy with the words “Independent” and “Experience not Propaganda” crammed into the bottom. Considering that the old man has already been used by News Corpse in basically the same capacity, not to mention a long line of other parodies—ours included—this thing falls flat as the as image itself. Plus their official, grammatically incorrect statement about how this poster was designed to help people “study the candidate objectively” is pure bullshit, as they conclude with the real reason for creating it: “Oh yeah, and consider these posters one giant middle finger raised to Shephard Fairey. How does it feel to have your worked jacked? Can you see me now?”