1_ANIMALNY_250_thebox-1.jpgAs reported yesterday, someone’s been posting up notices warning of impeding rape and drug dealing at The Box, specifically citing the doorman Gans Genc of basically being guilty of crimes against humanity. One of NYC’s tabloid papers who happened upon the story, mentions that the campaign was launched by a disgruntled club-goer who couldn’t get into the seedy spot and that he’s been arrested. But as one confidant noted, “You can get arrested for slander?” You can be sued for libel/slander, but you’re not going to jail. The best they could have gotten him on is littering or if the cops were really ignoring the law: harassment. Without physical provocation though that would be tough to prove, not to mention the free speech component. So again, what was the dude charged with? But as a legal eagle rightly notes,”Police arrest people all the time, it doesn’t mean they’re guilty.” |Previous|
Update: The alleged, non-arrested ‘Box Killer’ responds in the comments.