Whether it’s for May Day rallies in London or anti-Scientology demonstrations in Glasgow, the theatrical Guy Fawkes mask from hit movie V for Vendetta, is a favorite among British protesters. In an effort to curb Scientologists from enticing the public with a “free stress test” and other deceptive means, these two demonstrated near the Thetan invokers. However, according to this photographer, they have to play by the rules: “The police have instructed these protesters not to stand near the Scientologists, and to remove the word “cult” from their signs – something which I find ridiculous, and preventing their free speech. When the Scientologists saw me speaking to the protesters, they became very tetchy, on the phone, and then photographing me. It’s always a pleasure though – turning the 70-200mm on them and waving back.” For more information on why Scientology is more like Science Fiction, head over here.
Photo: |StephenMcleod|