350_muralJefferson.jpgArtist Erik Burke recently finished painting this two-story mural for Jeremy Sapienza, editor of BushwickBK. It incorporates visual characteristics from the surrounding area including specific buildings, the elevated JMZ train, and actual people from the neighborhood, which could account for it taking so damn long. “Finally, finally finished this one,” writes Burke, “every time I thought it was almost done a new kid in the neighborhood would come over and beg to have their portrait added.” Even with the barrage of “chit-chat” by curious onlookers and continued additions, Burke says he finished it “this month spaced out over about 7 days.” While this is certainly one way to spruce up a building, it also seems like an awfully inviting canvas for graffiti writers—they tend to bomb anything containing a subway motif. More detail here and here.
(Photo: Erik Burke)