Bushwick In Danger of Becoming Bushwick Again

Although it was the shining hope of many a developer for the past five years or so, the slumping housing market is starting to take it’s toll on Bushwick. The already economically depressed neighborhood, despite parts of it being rebranded “East Williamsburg” by aggressive realtors and cab-seeking Brooklynites trying to get home from Manhattan, is attracting an unfavorable demographic according to the local Bushwick Courier:

The mortgage foreclosure crisis has had some ugly side effects for Bushwick, chiefly squatters, drug addicts and fires in the neighborhood’s abandoned buildings.

In the past few months cops from the 83rd precinct have been increasingly arresting pyro-loving, drug addicted squatters. The most recent burnout taking place at 173 Starr Street. (Photo: Chris Harris/Flickr)