papalskate.jpgPeople get weird when a Pope comes to town. Take the Papal Skateboard contest, for example, as
described by the Clerical Whispers blog

Father Peter Pomposello, one of the organizers of the event, spoke about the purpose behind the contest. “This was a vehicle for the children to learn about who the pope is,” Pomposello said, according to NY1 News. “What do the symbols on his flag mean? What does that motto ‘Christ our hope’ mean?”

That’s awesome, Fr. Pomposello, sure. Just one catch: The winning skateboard doesn’t incorporate Pope Benedict XVI’s symbols, which we analyzed yesterday. Young Krystal Melendez, the board’s designer, painted His Holiness’ deck instead with Vatican City’s coat of arms.
We can’t help but wonder, did Benedict’s XVI’s inclusion of the caput ethiopicum on his coat of arms inspire young Krystal to ignore his carefully crafted symbol, and opt instead for the generic escutcheon? If so, bravo young Yonkerite. Bravo. |The Papal Skateboard| |Runner-Up Board Designs|
Jeff Koyen