250_levisvintage.jpgIn the 60s, on scorching summer days, cool hepcats wore groovy turtlenecks to the beach—turtlenecks and far-out striped Levi’s bellbottoms. Here, two mods, their balls sweating like steamed dumplings, look like they’re ready to rumble with a blanket full of freaky-haired free-lovin’ rockers (note the clenched fists, taut neck). Meanwhile, Bikini Becky performs the de rigeur mating ritual of the time—seductively posing directly between the legs of her lust target. The ad has such tension: Are they gay? Are they lovers? Are they barefoot? And seriously, what are they looking at? A lifeguard? A school of dolphins? A kite flying competition? They must fucking hate kites.
Image: |Vintage Ads|