h.i.sBells.jpgDeath pants! Luckily both poet John Donne and Papa Hemingway were long dead before this h.i.s bell bottoms ad took its toll on Western civilization. Pun butcherer Kenneth Cole, were you a teenage freelance copywriter? The copy reads: “Ask not. They’re for you…and come in a ring-a-ding assortment of colors and fabrics (including, I guess, the patchwork pictures of food style on the adventurous black man. Slack Power!)…They’re definitely becoming a novel (jesus) American great.” Much like the Nick Nolte h.i.s jeans ad, we’re presented with quite the wide range of maleness here. I like the barrel-chested brown-hair dude’s tied-off cloth belt—he’s a sensitive stud. But I shouldn’t mock; because any of my fellow man’s deathly fashion choices diminishes me (sorry John).
Image: |Vintage Ads|