An appeals court ruled that police in Huntington Beach, California must return seized marijuana to a patient, arguing that it shouldn’t have been taken in the first place. Jim Spray uses the herb to treat back pain and police seized his stash back in 2005. Under Federal law, weed is illegal, but a 1996 California state law allows for medical use, which leaves a big shade of gray among agencies. Police gave the almost 4 ounces of weed a nice “chunk of hash” back to him in brown paper bags which he tore open like Christmas presents to inspect the goods. And this isn’t the first time that the police in Huntington Beach had to return the evidence: “About six months ago, Dave Lucas of Huntington Beach also retrieved his purple urkel – a higher-end marijuana – and a couple of smoking pipes officers confiscated from him more than a year ago.” |OCR via LATimes|