Snarly Assemblything Catherine Nolan is pushing for new legislation that increases the penalty for chronic graffiti offenses to a felony. Fellow public paint hater Peter Vallone Jr.—who unsuccessfully introduced two anti-graffiti bills that were later struck down as unconstitutional—was delighted, adding his own predictable copy and paste comments to he matter:

“Right now, graffiti punks often get caught, get a slap on the wrist, and are out tagging again the next day. This bill will let us catch someone once and deter them from ever doing graffiti again.”

Basically, the offense of “Making Graffiti” would be augmented with “Making Graffiti in the first degree” and “Making Graffiti in the second degree”: “Making Graffiti in the second degree would be an A misdemeanor, the same as the current law. But someone convicted of the second degree crime on two or more occasions can be charged with the first-degree violation, an E felony.” The bill would also upgrade the possession of graffiti instruments from a B to an Amisdemeanor.

This could mean that vandals could face mandatory time in state prison which Vallone argues is a good thing—we understand it as a criminal justice aberration! The media whoring Queens President hopeful also offered this politically postured, cliche comment that shows he means business,

“We must send the message that graffiti is a serious crime that we are taking very seriously. If you keep tagging our streets, you will get tagged with a felony.”

While we’d love to instruct activist readers to further aggravate the name recognition councilman, it might be more helpful to start lobbing attacks at the politician who really wears the pants in Queens: Catherine Nolan. Email the unqualified art critic or feel free to go ahead and bomb her with PTSG, we’re accepting submissions. |Queens Gazette|