Dude! It’s the World Bodypainting Festival. Naked chicks in bodypaint! It’s like Burning Man, but with less acid. Apparently, the 11th annual one of these things was held in Austria last weekend, and the freaks were out in flocks. This girl is so hot. No noses are totally awesome. And let’s not forget this one. I totally dig her five eyes. Woah! Orgy-time. I think the guy on the far left is named Kragg and is totally into quantum physics, a combination every woman finds to be super sexy, especially when he is painted black and covered in the swirling purple cosmos. Too bad that girl next to him who’s being skull-raped by a dinosaur egg has already laid her claim to him. I guess I am however you say “shit out of luck” in Austrian. Check out a theoretically NSFW roundup of Animal favorites after the proverbial jump.

Photos: |Wolfgang.Wedenig Wuschl|