Images: |Coloribus|
Heil Hitler! Hitler is the Shitler these days when it comes to cause marketing art direction. Left, that’s der Führer made out of 13,000 real cigarettes—not Photoshopped! (here’s a video of the artwork being made on the streets of Brazil.) The headline translate simply: “Smoking Kills More.” Well…Hitler only killed his millions over a period of about 5 years, so that’s not really a relevant comparison, is it? And just as an aside—doesn’t Brazil still have a couple of really old Nazi war criminals hiding out in the jungle? Right, it’s malaria Hitler, that fucking leech! This ad, via Spain for Africa Directo, is of course very Photoshopped. “Nothing and no one takes as many lives as malaria” is the headline. But wait a minute—what kills more? Cancer sticks or bloodsuckers? And what about bad drinking water? Where’s diarrhea Hitler (sorry)?