Photos: William Alatriste
Fresh off the fumes from their stint at Lord & Taylor, the mostly legal graffiti painting Tats Cru are creating some real controversy regarding one of their murals that featured a rat with a noose around its head with the words “Stop Snitching” (pictured above). Although they painted it with permission two years ago, the city decided it was an imminent threat to the community now, and demanded that it be removed immediately, issuing a summons to the new owner with two options: “allow for the murals removal or pay a fine.” Even scandal ridden City Council Speaker Christine Quinn got in on the action, claiming the city is prepared to bomb other walls too: “We want to send a message to people who put up murals like this,” said Ms. Quinn. “Any place you go with paint, we will follow you with paint.” Apparently the spray painted cartoon has had a mesmerizing effect on the surrounding community, and contributed to promoting a culture of not cooperating with police.

Smartly, Tats seized the opportunity and have retained legal counsel. And they might need it if you believe this half-truth description of their work from the Times’ City Room blog: “Tats Cru is well known throughout the city for their murals, many of which memorialize victims of gun violence.” Pics below of the media staged wall buffing ceremony and a few other murals by Tats Cru that just run quite contrary to the Times’ characterization of their work. |CityRoom|
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