The NYPD is pressing ahead with their highly invasive “Ring of Steel” security plan to install 2,000 cameras “on every sidewalk south of Canal Street” and turn Lower Manhattan into a Big Brothery-city reminiscent of London. |1010Wins|
Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club must have really felt sorry for political puppet Joe the Plumber, when the McCain supporter showed up at the hotspot drinks were on the house. |TMZ|
Back in the mid-1980’s, Barack Obama was making a name for himself in NYC, helping CUNY students with issues ranging from dangerous subway stations to South Africa. |amNY|
Big trouble in little Chinatown: a gang of five masked men made away with more than $27,000 after a brazen daylight robbery. |NYT|

Amazingly, voters in the city were only slightly more excited to vote for Barack Obama than John Kerry. |NYT|
As if New Yorkers needed any more reason to hate the MTA, there’s a plan to charge tolls on all the city’s East River-crossings. |NYDN|
The city’s predominantly black churched rejoiced over Barack Obama’s historic win, choir members wore commemorative t-shirts. |NYDN|
A rich Manhattan asshole took it upon himself to remove a 3,000-year-old dune formation on his posh, 40-acre Hamptons property. |NYP|
Speaking of rich assholes, members of the Yale Club in Manhattan aren’t happy about influx of “low brow” Bronx residents. |NYP|
|Photo: Wired|