It’s only been six days since Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive tackle Richard Collier was shot and critically wounded while sitting in his non-armored Cadillac Escalade and Texas Armoring Corporation is already making quick use of the shooting to market their custom bulletproofing capabilities with this press release:

“We’re saddened by the unfortunate violence against Mr. Collier last week and by similar attacks against NFL players during the last 18 months. We’re confident that our products can offer some peace of mind to other players and their families in the coming weeks and months as they obtain our vehicles,” said Trent Kimball, President/CEO.

With so many of these athletes under imminent attack, the company also used the occasion to announce the hiring of two former CIA operatives to their team and although Texas Armoring is dedicated to safeguarding the NFL, they’re open to protecting all of the country’s professional sports figures:

“We hope that other professional organizations will follow suit so that we can provide protection through bulletproof vehicles and threat assessments to members of the NBA, NHL, MLB, etc. The bottom line is that the type of violence that Richard Collier was subject to last week is intolerable, and Texas Armoring Corporation will continue to do everything in its power to protect high-profile athletes and celebrities from such shameful acts of violence going forward.”

Pictured above is an armored version of the Caddy truck that could have kept Collier bullet hole free. In addition to a gallery of vehicles, the company also details the bulletproofing process and provide a nifty illustrative chart so players can easily pick the appropriate level of protection.