The NYPD continues their paramilitary people watching experiment, this time introducing the mostly good people of Ridgewood, Queens to SkyWatch, a mobile surveillance platform. It’s located on Cypress Avevenue between Putnam and Myrtle, a stone’s throw from Bushwick. Like it’s sister unit in Williamsburg, it’s been deployed for a little over a month now and although NYPD brass might hail this as an effective tool for intimidation law enforcement, the actual police manning them aren’t so hot on the two-story tower. For one, it kind of prevents them from doing their jobs. “We’re not allowed to leave it, unless a cop is in trouble,” explained one of the officers guarding the base of the moveable tower, “but then what are we supposed to do then? Run to the scene?” Each SkyWatch requires a two man team: one to sit up in the tower, the other standing guarding below, effectively leaving two officers in fixed positions without any transportation besides a three wheeled scooter. “We could do a better job in a car any day,” added the other cop as he climbed in the cab and began his ascent. More photos of the elevated lookout below.

(Photos: ANIMAL)