1_lede_warnerbros.jpgThe most anticipated movie of all times, The Dark Knight (opens July 18), isn’t even out yet, but blurry cell phone camera photos are already providing a glimpse into some of Gotham’s underworld deviants. One of the sequences show Heath Ledger’s mentally insane Joker character dressed as a female nurse visiting acid stained Harvey Dent aka Two-Face in a hospital. Considering the artistry Ledger showed playing a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain, this transgendered roleplay isn’t too much of a stretch. And if you thought the Joker already looked thoroughly creepy, wait till you see this snarling redhead in a white dress. More pics after the jump or until the studio demands they be taken down. UPDATE: The studio demanded they be taken down per the cease and desist below.

Screenshots: |SpoilerTV|
Cease and Desist:

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