new-Dash_SNow_lede.jpgWith the help of numerous photos in Vice—for a while it seemed like every issue—and that notorious NY Mag cover, Dash Snow has become officially been appointed a relevant artist in the whole: downtown, contemporary, graffiti backgrounded, semi-Whitney Biennialish art scene, which has even afforded him the luxury of making full size rat nests to the delight of gallerist Jeffrey Deitch. If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend the Nest “exhibit” (installation images/event images) there’s a book coming out that is likely to be short on words and big on photos of shredded phone books, dick graffiti, and all the other “artistic” elements that contributed to the seedy installation. According to Kill City it was compiled by Deitch gallery director Kathy Grayson and should be available next week. |KillCity|