Freemasons from Boyer Lodge #1
Although he’s come clean about his marital affairs, drug usage, and medical maladies, one thing that replacement governor David Paterson hasn’t openly discussed is his involvement with Freemasonry, the long time mysterious fraternal order that has kept conspiracy theorists busy for centuries and has enjoyed a tremendous mainstream uptick of curiosity since The Da Vinci Code. It turns out that he is not only New York’s first blind governor, but also the first Freemason to lock down the governorship in more than six decades. According to the Freemasonry for Dummies blog, “Brother Paterson is a member of Boyer Lodge #1, of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of New York.” Established in 1812 and located in Harlem, it is the “oldest continuously operating Prince Hall lodge in the world,” and was named after “Haitian soldier-statesman Jean Pierre Boyer, who later became the first president of Haiti after their war of liberation from France.” The City Room has a list of the other 19 Governors who wore funny outfits while reciting excitingly blasphemous things.