250_deapromotedea.jpgUnreality TV show DEA, is the new COPS-like program on the Spike network that follows officers from the Detroit division of the federal drug fighting agency as they kick down doors and meddle with people’s vices across the Motor City. The show has already stirred some controversy with what some residents of Hazel Park—which bills itself “The Friendly City”—are calling an unfair characterization of their mostly white, suburban community, prompting a city official to pen a letter of protest to the DEA’s Washington D.C. headquarters. City Manager Ed Klobucher was unhappy with the “Deep Cover,” episode that references Hazel Park as a “dangerous, drug-infested section of the City of Detroit.” Officials also requested an official apology from Spike. Further obscuring the line between heavily edited sanitized reality and actual reality, the buzz killing Feds slapped up a banner ad for the show right underneath the official seal on their website.