Awful pun aside, I happen to like these insane ads for Quicksilver blue jeans by Saatchi and Saatchi, Copenhagen. In fact, they’re the most interesting blue jean print ads I’ve ever seen. Because you know what I’m tired of? Sexy jeans ads. Levi’s does excellent ones, year after year; sexy sexual TV spots oozing sex. But sexy jeans commercials are a hell of a lot easier to create than interesting jeans print ads, right Wrangler? Quicksilver is of course a popular brand with the surfing//skate- and snowboarding sets. And these blue jean versions of deep sea fish are pretty fucking, um…insert whatever the new surfing phrase for “cool”is right here _____. After the jump, check out two more denim aquatic vertebrates that appear to be members of the Gonostomatidae family.

Images: Coloribus