250_afternature_.jpgThe New Museum recently opened “After Nature,” an exhibit that “explores visions of the end and the wilderness of the future.” The multi-media exhibit features a bevy of artists across multiple disciplines and is described by art fags as “Part dystopian fantasy, part ethnographic museum of a lost civilization that eerily resembles our own.” The show focuses on “a story of abandonment, regression, and rapture—an epic of humanity coming apart under the pressure of obscure forces and not-so-distant environmental disasters.” Think of it as the artistic version of that popular ‘Earth Without People‘ feature from Scientific American or even the similar article by Discover years earlier. The exhibit runs through September 21 and there’s also this tremendously uninspiring online exhibition.
Art: Maurizio Cattelan, Untitled, 2007. Taxidermied horse skin, fiberglass resin, 118 1/8 x 66 7/8 x 31 1/2 in
Photo: |Matt Semel|