Not only does OBEY enhancing graphic designer Baxter Orr parody the artwork of Shepard Fairey, but like the controversial artist, he’s also decided to help prop up his presidential candidate, in this case, old man McCain. Orr licensed his Obama-DOPE design to the ring wing’s seller of swag AuthenticGOP.com. Basically he took the original image and slightly altered it to make way for this t-shirt design that now features the Democratic presidential candidate, but with the words NOPE plastered across the front. Unfortunately, the imagery doesn’t do the same justice as the cocaine nose encrusted one, and in all likelihood won’t help the Republican candidate—only a terrorist attack can do that at this point. Plus, regardless of the message, if someone sports a portrait of Obama on their chest, are they not just promoting his brand anyway? Side by side comparisons of the two images after the jump.