The contractors hired to tear down the 9/11 contaminated Deutsche Bank violated all sorts of codes and lied to firefighters. |NYT|
With incidents of bike theft still way too high on the street, cyclists clamor for the coveted free bike racks in certain parking garages. |Metro|
That stupid anti-energy drinks named after a Midwest drug concoction finally hits NYC. Yawn! |CBS|
Tourist attraction the Naked Cowboy scored a reality show. |NYP|
A strong dollar could actually hurt NYC, especially for the real estate and tourism industries. |NYSun|
Lawyers with hearts do exist. |NYLawyer|
More evidence that criminal police van stealing women can’t drive. |NYP|
Did you know that the city has over 300,000 street lamps? One day soon they all could soon be lit with L.E.D. lighting. |NYT|
Photo: Eric M. Hazard/Associated Press