alligator.jpgWith a new report circulating around about how alligator blood can save the world from HIV, leave it up to Discover magazine to ask the all important question, encapsulated from the get with this headline, “GatorAIDS: Why Isn’t It in You?” Apparently, alligators have developed quite a tolerance over the past 80 million years to bacteria and scum which makes considering they live full time in the muck. Researches have discovered that the gator possesses super “disease-fighting white blood cells,” that can kill a wide range of bacteria—23 types in all, including herpes simplex and HIV. However, the responsible science magazine warns against trying to suckle their blood like a vampire in the wild, writing “[B]efore you go out back and wrestle an alligator for a sweet glass of its immunity boosting blood, there are a couple of reasons to be cautious. First, raw, unprocessed blood from alligators can sicken or kill humans, as our bodies will reject the foreign slurry.” Thanks, no really. |Discover|