250_Distill.jpgWhile some might consider it insane to launch a designy niche print publication in the wake of dire advertising forecasts and an economy not likely to rebound anytime soon, Distill doesn’t appear to be worried, they have a plan. Unlike most mags that have to spend money on editorial—though in pales in comparison to the costs associated with printing—the glossy quarterly fills up its pages blog style. Or as they put it: “Distill answers a very clear need. It scours every fashion and style magazine from high street names to the most obscure global titles and showcases their very best content.” And that they do. Printed on nice paper it features spreads from fashionista bibles like V, WAD, and EXIT. The content recyclers—despite a crappy website that doesn’t share their print philosophy for amassing content—have made it to issue 2, superbly republishing editorial that’s been seen before. In addition to the good looks, they also say write funny untrue stuff like this, from their August launch issue:

“In 2008 we are entering a creative economy where designers, photographers, and film-makers can earn more than doctors and lawyers; jeans have replaced the suit and tie, and you are more likely to be defined by your music than your age.”