If you watch one 10-minute video starring a vagina house, a mechanical bird, and a demanding stereo on the internet today, let it be “kHz.” Created by Daniel Bird, the short is an unfinished work that’s mind-boggling, regardless. One part Jan Svankmajer, one part Quay Brothers, it’s a freakishly surrealist peek into another world in which everything is simultaneously anthropomorphized and mechanized. According to the caption and the comments thread, Bird posted the unfinished work online as a way of pushing his coworker into working on completing it. “After two to three years of working on this short (model-making, set-building, animating) my co-director and cameraman took the masters to New York with him, with the promise that he would look after the compositing, wire-removal and grading. Three years later, I’m still waiting…” Bird’s subsequent comments suggest the piece may be finished one day, after all–although, as several viewers say, it’s pretty fucking great, either way. |Circuitry|