On your right, the image the Chicago Reader planned on running had John McCain won, to your left, the actual Barack Obama cover they published. The paper is reporting that many readers weren’t happy with the ‘Don’t Screw This Up’ banner accompanying the illustration of the nation’s first Halfro American president, and many were calling in to complain, charging racism:

“The callers told me we’re assuming he’ll screw up because he’s black. To the contrary, we have extremely high hopes for him.”

They then ramble on about the role of the media and blah blah blah:

“But no matter how jubilant some of us may feel about his election, the media’s role isn’t to cheerlead for elected officials. We serve our readers: we’re observers and reporters and commentators. We were addressing Obama as the person — not the black person — whom we’ve handed an important new job and letting him know that even though we put him there, we’ll be watching. Would you expect anything else?”

It would have been a lot more fitting to first acknowledge the high degree of paranoia its readers were clearly experiencing followed up with a reminder about the whole race thing—he is half white!