The A.V. Club has a cool roundup: “Drawing-Board Confessional: 22 Unflattering Moments from Autobiographical Comics.” The list excerpts work from a smattering of comics creators, among them R. Crumb, Harvey Pekar, and Joe Sacco, as the artists reveal their sometimes less glorious moments through their most intimate artworks. Julie Doucet picks her nose and arranges her boogers bedside. Joe Matt is totally addicted to pornography. And Chris Ware portrays himself as a condescending, elitist bastard. Comics great Art Spiegelman takes the cake, though, for spurning his depressed mother who later kills herself. “You murdered me, mommy, and you left me here to take the rap!!!” he howls in the wake of her death. Ah, the compelling misanthropy of comic book artists. |A.V.Club|