Although we’ll admit the site was occasionally funny and slightly more entertaining than sewer writing Jeezy, the one thing that always bugged us about streetwear parodying, comment moderating website Satchel of Gravel—and DBTH before it—was that the editor or editors, remained anonymous. It’s not like these guys were writing about organized crime or gangs, so why the anonymity? Were they really afraid Bobby Hundreds was going to come beat them down with his limited edition mouse pad? Regardless of the reasons for their editorial spinelessness, ‘Satchel’ has called it quits again. This last post on July 19 offers some obnoxiously bullshit reason about why they’ve decided to kill it off, blaming those big bad PR people and their reckless culture killing evil for ruining the spirit of the site:

“[W]hile part of it has to do with it being sunny outside, and us spending less time occupied by thedoldrums of cold weather, the other part has to do with the direction that this site was taking.
We’re not referring to the content or any of the writers. No, we’re talking about PR agencies (you know who you are) regarding this site as another way to get press hit for some client that rapes the culture so many have worked hard to build and preserve.”

Or it could just be that Shahendra Ohneswere, the founder and editor of the site and former Marketing Manager for Dr. Jays—seller of the shittiest brands on the planet—has taken a paid position as Senior Editor at a media outlet even less read than his blog: Giant magazine.