Reader depressing ads: “To dramatise the daily rate of species extinction and generate donations for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, we ran a series of strip ads in The Times newspaper. As the readers paged through the day’s events, the species continued to add up, ending with a sobering statistic.” |IBIA|
HAZE adds his graffiti touches to a Lotus, makes it look like a Matchbox car. |Bombin Magazine|
The Boombench is “a 500 watt speaker-packed bench with eight 60-watt co-axial speakers and two subwoofers accessable through Bluetooth.” |Baller House|

The answer to this question is NO! |Gothamist|
Denis Leary is spotted in the most unlikely of places: Bushwick. |BushwickBK|
Queens Borough President Helen Marshall advocates tearing down the dramatic World’s Fair constructed New York State Pavilion. |Queens Crap|