Engravers Set To Make Bank On Wall Street Bail Out

Now that the House has reconvened and passed the most anti-Capitalist legislation in the history of the United States, it’s time for the public to keep an eye on those who stand to profit over the adoption of this bill. Mind you, it’s not just the producers of children’s wooden arrows and Puerto RIcan rum makers that stand to benefit from this Wall Street welfare program, it’s also the free market, bank sign making engravers like these guys. They’re the ones who manufacture the federally mandated “FDIC Insurance” plaques that are required to be posted at banks around the country. Just last year, the signs had to be changed out due to a FDIC rule and now that the Senate added an increase of federally backed insurance on individual accounts from $100,000 to $250,000, a whole new crop of these signs are gonna need to be whipped up which could mean record profits for those damn opportunistic blue collar workers on Main St.