This is getting, like, way to avant artsy fartsy for me. Having previously DPed Damien Hirst and gone skinny dipping with Jeff Koons, here the fake American Apparel ad imaginer dares to take a potshot at the Grandpop of pop artists. Scurrilous! Frankly, it’s fine and dandy by me. Unlike pretty much every other ad hack in the world, my take on Warhol is that he was nothing more than an over-glorified silkscreener. And anytime anybody calls him a “painter,” my brain throws up in my skull a little bit. Lucien Freud. Francis Bacon. Those are/were modern painters. So X out all the Andy Marilyns you want, sexy leggy fake AA babe. It turns me on. FYI: here’s the corresponding real AA “BFF” ad.
Photo: Snapped on Kenmare @ Mulberry by the artist’s agents Stereo Hell