300_AAvice1.jpgOn Halloween, I had lunch with Imp and Aloha from Stereo Hell and they told me that American Apparel had contacted them and that an ad was being prepared for the November Vice magazine. And here it is (see it big HERE), on the back page! It’s a sort of an advertorial with a selection of AA’s favorite fake AA guerrilla pieces from the last year (including one of my favorites, “Dildo Dov“); pieces that turned out to be expert Photoshops not physical street art posters. So: the art/ad/commerce circle has been completed, digital has become print, virtual has become real. This leaves me feeling a bit melancholy. I’ve been a fan of this starkly pornographic, red-on-white send-up movement, from the early super-sexual pieces to the later crazy pop art pranks. I guess my only question is: what took American Apparel so long?

In recent days, the artist has completed a couple of interesting anaglyph 3-D pieces (one, two) that are kinda tributes to the Vice ad. Look below to read the ad’s copy. In it, AA confesses that they still don’t know if the artist hates or loves them, which is the way it should be.
|Image: Stereo Hell|