OK, confession: I wouldn’t have know that this lascivious layout was a tribute/rebuke of Johns’s 1974 painting “Target” if the Stereo Hellers hadn’t tipped me off; I would have assumed it was a reference to Olympics archery. Johns joins Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst on the fake American Apparel ad prankster’s pop art hit list. I’m getting art/ad/commerce vertigo! As you artsy people already know, neo-Dadaist popster Johns has painted lots of targets and American flags that have sold for ungodly sums. But honestly, it’s the nether-region bullseye of this panties-less, eyeless fake American Apparel lass that my art-loving eyes are fixated on. Reaching for my paddle…After the jump, take a look at a second fake AA ad poster that features another bawdy babe blasting a bullet hole through Richard Prince’s “Untitled (Cowboy)”—a photograph of a portion of a Marlboro ad that sold for…$1.2 million fucking dollars.

Photos: Stereo Hell