First off, this fake American Apparel ad poster is not by the original artist. The style is obviously different, plus Stereo Hell confirms it (they also confirmed to Animal that the artist is not working for AA.). OK, to this piece: this penis poster is an ode to Yazmany Arboleda’s installation The Assassination Of Barack Obama, part of a New York City exhibit that was shutdown by police back in June. It was emailed to Animal (and Gawker) with the claim that it was snapped On Varick Street near Franklin. However, I had two veteran art directors confirm for me that the poster was Photoshopped and is likely not real. To refute this, the tipster claims she went and took more photos of the poster, and emailed them. But that just provided more evidence. After the jump, take a look at a second pic and the evidence.

Notice that this poster looks much different than the first one—note the texture, creases and the hole in the upper right quadrant. Also, most incriminatingly, the two posters are in different spots on the wall. Note the position of Obama’s tie in relation to the HBO logo in both posters; with the first one, it’s to the left of the logo and with the second, it’s to the right.