FAKE Amsterdam Street Artist Doesn’t Get Graffiti

Concrete Canvas did this interview with FAKE, an Amsterdam-based street artist (and PR manager) who makes it a point to attach a certain popular art prankster’s name, imagery or motifs to illustrate that “not all stencils are a reminder of Banksy.” When asked about the cannabis coffee shop capital of the world’s steet art scene he broke it down: “I think it’s not big, 70 percent is graffiti, 20% stickers and 10% stencils.” Out of the various vandalizing options, it’s graffiti that doesn’t make sense to him: “The graffiti of course is big but I don’t really like the attitude they have (by claiming public property and fighting over it) and tagging? I just don’t see the point, just some kids trying to get famous by damaging other people’s property.” Hmm, doesn’t street art do the same? Apparently no! It’s more cerebral than that according to FAKE, “I think street art is often misunderstood and confused by vandalism. Real street art makes people think and adds something to the urban life.” Click over for the rest. |ConcreteCanvas|