Facts_Cocaine_Substance%20copy.jpgThe Fashion Institute of Technology wasted no time with their damage control efforts, sending out an email this morning regarding the highly publicized arrest of two of its students for dealing cocaine. The school was very adamant in reassuring students (and their checkbook carrying parents) that “no drugs had been found in the residence hall where the students lived, and there had been no sales taking place either in the residence hall or on FIT property,” a point they reiterate, “Again, as reported to us at this time by police officials, this situation appears to be an isolated incident and involves no others on campus.” The fashion farm was also quick to point out that it’s working closely with the NYPD and would rather students not talk to reporters: “Should you receive any inquiries from the media, they should be directed to the Office of Communications and External Relations at x74700.” Click below for the public relations spinning email in its entirety.