500_2743626682_1e610c18ff.jpgSo as you may have heard the Empire State Building is lighting up in honor of the Olympics. The illumination began last week and every night until August 24th, the landmark skyscraper will use its massive multicolored lighting scheme to showcase the many flag colors for each of the nations taking part in the games including Georgia—assuming its still around—on the building’s respective sides. So far, countries like France, India, Russia, Poland, and Japan have all had their shine and there’s still another 48 to go. With the city’s melting pot status and to make it easy for foreign nationals and ethnic New Yorkers who identify strongly with their homelands, ANIMAL put together a handy visual guide of flag groupings based on their schedule after the jump.
Photo: cdnewswolf

08/12 North side: Blue/White/Red – NL. West side: Blue/Red/White – NZ. South side: Green/Yellow/Blue – BR. East side: Red/Yellow/Blue – RO.
08/13 North side: Blue/White/Red – CU. West side: Blue/Red/White – SI South side: Yellow/Yellow/Blue – UA. East side: Red/Yellow/Red – ES.
08/14 North side: Red/White/Red – DL. West side: Blue/Red/White – AU. South side: Blue/Yellow/Blue – KZ. East side: Yellow/Red/Black – DE.
08/15 North side: Red/White/Red – AT. West side: Red/Green/White – BY. South side: Blue/Yellow/Blue – SE. East side: White/Blue/Red – KR
08/16 North side: Red/White/Red – CA. West side: Red/Green/White – BG. South side: Blue/White/Blue – GR. East side: White/Blue/Red – ES.
08/17 North side: Red/White/Red – CH. West side: Red/Blue/White – SK. South side: Blue/White/Blue – AR. East side: White/Green/Red – DZ.
08/18 North side: Red/White/Red – TR. West side: Red/Blue/White – KP. South side: Blue/White/Blue – IL. East side: Orange/White/Green – IE.
08/19 North side: Red/White/Red – LV. West side: Red/Blue/Yellow – CO. South side: Green/White/Blue – UZ. East side: Orange/Yellow/Green – ET.
08/20 North side: Red/White/Red – HK. West side: Red/Blue/Yellow – VE. South side: Green/Red/Blue – AZ. East side: Red/Yellow/Black – BE.
08/21 North side: Red/Green/Red – MA. West side: White/Blue/White – FI. South side: Green/Red/Black – KE. East side: Red/White/Blue – MY.
08/22 North side: Red/Green/Yellow – LT. West side: Yellow/Red/Green – CM. South side: White/Black/Blue – EE. East side: Red/White/Blue – TH.
08/23 North side: Black/Green/Yellow – JM. West side: Red/White/Green – IR. South side: White/Red/White – GE. East side: Red/White/Blue – NO.