Cardinal Egan and his Catholic cohorts really know how to put on a dramatic show when a fellow clergyman dies. |NYT|
After the MTA passed that Doomsday budget and in light of the recent stabbing of a bus driver, the city is running a pilot program to install partitions to keep pissed off passengers away. |NYT|
A city councilman who fashioned himself as an advocate for domestic violence victims was arrested this morning for attacking a girlfriend with a broken bottle. |NYP|
An astute clerk double checked a lottery ticket a customer discarded and gave it back to the woman once he discovered it was a winner. What he didn’t know, it was worth $1 million. |NYP|
Apart from her name, Caroline Kennedy isn’t qualified to be a senator, plus she doesn’t even vote! |NYDN|
A registered sex offender ruined the United States Post Service’s ‘Operation Santa’ after he participated in the charitable program. |City Room|