In an effort to promote, a campaign aimed at motivating “lazy ass” 18-35 year-old tastemakers on Election Day, vinyl toy designing auteur Tristan Eaton, partnered up with Barack Obama and the candidate’s youth marketing agency, SS+K, to create this over the top fixie. Unlike the more subtly branded ObamaBike we put up for auction and sold, this one’s slightly more predictable flashy with its riser bars, Obama logo’d rear disk, Aerospoke front rim, and custom lefty graphics. Had Obama been an old school BMX brand, this would have actually meshed perfectly with those Trackstar x DQM track bikes. We’re not sure how they’re going about giving selling this baby away, but whoever wins buys it better be damn confident about backing the Democratic candidate—especially if the polls are wrong. Jump for a close-up. UPDATE: Bike is being sold online and word on the street is that Lance Armstrong might be interested.