0911081inside2.jpgThe South has always historically found different ways to insidiously violate the rights of black people and it appears that Jim Crow Florida has adopted some of the country’s increasingly popular “decency laws” that target the whole exposed boxer short fashion. The Smoking Gun reports, rather smugly, how the Riveria Beach police have arrested about a dozen young men so far and wouldn’t you know it, they all happen to be black. They were found guilty of illegally wearing their clothes:

“[E]ach of the males was nabbed after officers determined that low-slung pants or shorts had resulted in the exposure of between two and five inches of the individual offender’s boxer shorts.”

This remarkably unconstitutional law will give cops even more leeway to harass the youth with these televisual searches. One of the defendants reportedly told the arresting officer just how fucked up this rights-violating law is: “Your a cracker and ain’t got shit better to do.” First time offenders could face fines up to $150 and repeat violators, 30 real days in jail. |TSG|