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Wow tough call. Which one of these print ads by almapBBDO for the Brazilian Eye Care Foundation is more obnoxious? (Left) They should play more Blues? Really? Yeah, maybe Sâo Paulo ophthalmologists should also learn how to play “the dozens” with all their black glaucoma patients. Diss ’em right proper. And what the hell’s up with that cartoonish, stereotypical drawing? But at least this ad is, ostensibly, trying to help black people. The second one (right) just blatantly and callously exploits Ray Charles’ blackness and blindness in the name of preventing retinal lesions. Hey, he died of liver cancer four years ago, so fuck him. I’m not even going to get into the face paint, talking eyeball, WTF art direction. Jump for a third ad that gleefully makes fun of senior citizen’s sex lives.

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