NYC’s most infamous media whoring councilman, Peter Vallone, continues his anti-American campaign to stifle the sales of art supplies, setting his sights on Alphabeta Shop, Greenpoint’s newest purveyor of spray paint, old school paraphernalia, and other graffiti-associated products (photo gallery here). He’s upset that the shop sells the aerosol dispensing form of paint and threatened with some Big Brother bullying: “Maybe I should work to get a police camera outside [the store].” Although Vallone has indeed “spent his career drafting some the toughest vandalism laws in the nation,” as Newsday notes, what they fail to report is that major pieces of legislation he championed for were challenged and deemed unconstitutional, highlighting his persistent failures. But regardless of his dismal record in doing anything that actually reduces graffiti, he’s been quite proficient in vandalizing the local media stories with his totalitarian rhetoric, which will sadly only increase now that he’s running for Queens borough president.