sold_250_carlabruni-thumb.jpgRemember that bare-skinned photo of French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife Carla Bruni, taken while she was a fashion model in 1993? The full body nude, shot by photographer Michel Comte was recently auctioned off at Christie’s and fetched more than 20x it’s estimated sale price. Although the photog claims he’d never sell the more “explicit” photos he has of Bruni, will he consider changing his mind now that the market has been tested? He didn’t bank anything on this after all, the photo was owned by collector of naked models Gert Elfering. Despite being one of the most famous nudes for sale at the auction, this image of a naked Kate Moss sold for $97K, but Brigitte Bardot had both of them easily beat with a photo of her fetching $181K. |BBC| |AmateurPhotographer|