After building what could be one of the most nicely designed fixed gear big bikes on the planet, the guys over at Geekhouse Bikes sent word of another innovation that is sure to make the track cycling kids ecstatic: personalized graphics. They’ve mastered a process that can basically take any digital image and sublimate it into a powder coated finish. This “Rockcity” frame was made for a customer who wanted a bandanna-like orange paisley design—not our first choice of graphics but dope nonetheless. It also features a matching front Deep-V rim that was also given the same patterned treatment. In addition to its sleek curbed seat tube design, this steed comes tricked out with a Chris King headset, Paul cranks, Tioga saddle and a Thomson stem/post. Click below for some detailed close-ups and hit them up if you want to make your own custom cycle.

Photos: Geekhouse Bikes