bushgun3ye.jpgAfter President William McKinley was assassinated (1 of 4 presidents in U.S. history) in 1901, Congress demanded that the Secret Service take on the full time role of safeguarding the highest office in the land. As part of their pensions, ex-presidents were given protection by the secret service for life, but that all changed in the late 90s. Although he might have finished out his term in disgrace, Barack Obama-hater Bill Clinton is the last American president to keep a contingent of Secret Service agents till he dies. Per a law passed by Congress in 1997, all presidents from George W. Bush on will only get protection for 10 years making the universally despised commander in chief highly susceptible to violence after January 21st, 2019—he’ll only be 72-year-old by then (McCain’s age now). With all the enemies he’s made at home and abroad, Bush will likely be living out his golden years quite nervously.