Ok so the Olympics are now in full swing—they mostly suck we know —but there have been a few entertaining moments, no? There was water polo titty, comedic Spanish racism, elbow popping, age scandals and now the real excitement begins: track cycling. Yup, the fast paced, fixed gear only, cycling competition taking place on the sleek newly built 250 meter Laoshan Velodrome began today at 4:30am (4:30pm Civil Rights Abuse Time). Hopefully NBC will give the action packed sporting event some quality airtime—usually cycling ranks just a hair above soccer in terms of American viewership. But even if they balk, it’s the age of YouTube and those clips should start rolling in, especially when there’s crashes—and there always are! In fact, if more people knew about the potential for high drama and fantastic collisions, even the NASCAR demo would tune in.

Because unlike all of the mostly pussy events at the Games, this shit actually has elements of danger and crowd loving, injury prone moments: broken collarbones, split skulls, and severed digits are not uncommon. Here’s a schedule of events, a description of the races, and some factoids. Did we mention there’s crashes? Weird tattoos also!
Photos: Richard Giles