From the Daily News who billed them as “weapons of grass destruction” to the Associated Press’ description as “bearded intruders,” the media is having a field day (get it?) with a story about a bunch of goats from Fort Wadsworth that managed to slip past a security perimeter near the heavily guarded base of the Verrazano Bridge. Despite surveillance cameras, sensors, and other sophisticated motion detecting equipment, the horny animals—which were originally recruited to eat brush—were able to walk right into a location that the MTA maintains was not “part of the bridge’s security perimeter; there was no security breach nor system failure.” But that didn’t dissuade the media from jamming as many terrorist angles as they could into their narrow columns, like this quote from a source: “The goats were taken into custody and turned over to the Army once it was determined not to be illegal aliens or agents of terror.” Sigh! |NYDN| |AP|
Photo: Mary DiBiase Blaich for The New York Times